The A&W Environmental Story

A year ago, the A&W Environmental Leadership team set out to discover where we stood on an environmental level and explore potential changes that lessen our environmental impact. This led to our Mission, “To together make A&W the QSR burger brand whose actions are seen by Baby Boomers as best demonstrating environmental responsibility.”

We want to understand and measure our total environmental footprint. We will take a collaborative approach, and make decisions that are not only good for the environment but also financially sound. There is much more to come as we move forward, but we wanted to share where we are today and begin a dialogue.

There are four key thrusts in the A&W Environmental Leadership Strategy, each with its own commitment and resource allocation implications.

  1. Build momentum as we make a measurable difference
  2. Educate ourselves
  3. Demonstrate leadership
  4. Engage and enthuse.

Build momentum as we make a measureable difference.
Together we will:

  1. Start small – start now
  2. Get smarter – do better
  3. Learn more – share more
  4. Do more.

Educate ourselves.
We will:

  1. Partner with world-class resources to develop the knowledge we need to be confident in our decisions and effective in our actions.

Demonstrate leadership.
We will:

  1. Reduce our environmental impact
  2. Make our business more successful
  3. Recognize and reward progress.

Engage and enthuse.
We will:

  1. Engage the energy, ideas and participation of everyone at A&W and all of our partners.
  2. Take actions that enthuse Boomers by clearly demonstrating environmental responsibility and enrich their connection with A&W.

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