We have engaged external resources to help us assess our Supply Chain business practices.

We have set out an objective to make A&W environmental standards part of A&W supplier selection standards, supply agreements, and product specifications within the life of the strategy.

We are quantifying supply chain performance in the area of environmental responsibility in a way that is intended to compliment (rather than replace) a strictly performance-based formal audit. The process is designed to be conducted over two phases, outlined below. We are currently at Phase 1, the assessment phase.

Phase 1: Assessment

The supplier assessment starts with determining key risks and opportunities within the A&W supply chain. Each supplier will then be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire, which is designed to recognize each supplier’s policies and practices in the area of environmental responsibility. It is also designed to report on the environmental impact of each A&W product each supplier produces.

Phase 2: Implementation

All our products and suppliers will be assessed. We will establish the standards and specifications for each product category by December 31, 2013.

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