Research on A&W consumer tracking was gathered via The Consumer Tracking Report. This study outlines how consumers, specifically Boomers, see A&W through an environmental responsibility lens. Two waves of results were received: September 2009 and January 2010.

Overall, quick service restaurants (QSRs) are not viewed positively in regards to environmental responsibility. However, when comparing the QSRs, A&W is placed near the top as a leader. We want to further enhance those perceptions and continue moving the company forward.

Among Boomers aged 45-59, McDonald’s has the highest ranking for displaying environmental responsibility, with A&W coming in second. A&W and McDonald’s fare the best in head-to-head comparisons for environmental responsibility versus the other QSR chains. When asked about accomplishments in environmental leadership, A&W falls to third, behind McDonald’s and Tim Hortons.

Areas identified as showing environmental leadership at A&W include a good trash and recycling system along with the use of environmentally friendly food containers.

Overall, we fare well in the minds of our consumers, but we know there is room for growth. We can become the first QSR to take the environmental lead and really stand out.

For complete details of The Consumer Tracking study, please see below:
September 2009
January 2010

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